12 Ene 2024

The new 'A tu vera' premieres on January 15th on CMM

On January 13, at 10 pm, the fifteenth edition of the longest-running talent show on television in Spain arrives.

05 Oct 2023

A new programme is launched: ‘Som de casa’

‘Som de casa’ will be Ximo Rovira's family magazine show for the afternoons of À Punt

07 Sep 2023

'Disfruta Madrid' every afternoon

Jota Abril will be the presenter of the programme, accompanied by Minerva Piquero and María Gracia.

19 Jul 2023

‘El Grand Prix del Verano’ back on La 1 on Monday July 24th

Premire on Monday July 24th at 22:35 on La 1 and RTVE Play

05 Jul 2023

The 'Grand Prix del Verano' is coming back very soon!

Ramón García will be joined by presenter and content creator Cristinini and actress Michelle Calvó, alongside Wilbur

21 Jun 2023

Cristinini and Michelle Calvo will accompany Ramón García in 'El Grand Prix del verano'

The competition is back with a new logo, inspired by the old one, but with a new twist, and has announced the list of the eight competing villages

11 Abr 2023

‘Una matemática viene a verte’, a new programme on La 2 of TVE

Premiere on April 12th at 7:30pm on La 2 and RTVE Play. Produced by EuroTV Producciones.

15 Dic 2022

"Duel de Veus" is back in search of the total artist!

On Tuesday December 20 at 22:00h the most successful musical contest in the Valencian Community returns to Á Punt.

29 Nov 2022

The program ‘Quen Anda Aí?’ registers an audience record for the season

On 28 November 'Quen anda aí?' on TV Galicia recorded its highest ever audience share of 15.9%.

27 Oct 2022

The nights of 'A Tu Vera' are back in Castilla-La Mancha Media!

This Saturday, 29th October, premiere of the fourteenth season of 'A Tu Vera' on Castila-La Mancha Media.

19 Oct 2022

Minerva Piquero and Jota Abril premiere 'Disfruta Madrid'

A format produced by EuroTV of Grupo iZen that will be broadcasted on Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30 pm on Telemadrid.

06 Jul 2022

Contestant José de la Vega wins the second edition of 'Duel de Veus'

The FINAL OF ‘Duel de Veus’ registered its maximum of the season on July 2 with a 5.1% share, 59,000 viewers and 202,000 accumulated unique contacts.