12 Jan 2024

The new 'A tu vera' premieres on January 15th on CMM

The new 'A tu vera' premieres on January 15th on CMM

On February 15, 2009, "A Tu Vera", a talent show in which the best interpreter of copla and Spanish songs in the region was sought, premiered on regional television.

Many are the keys that have made the program hook the Castilian-Manchego audience year after year.  Above all, it stands out for its capacity to renew itself, to innovate and continue to keep the audience's interest with live music, betting to give the copla genre an updated and attractive air.

On Saturday, January 13 begins the 15th edition of a contest more than consolidated in the programming of Castilla-La Mancha Media and that this time has the presenter Gloria Santoro as master of ceremonies.

She will combine this work with the daily presentation of the program "En Compañía" with Ramón García. In addition, she will continue to lead the musical space of Radio Castilla-La Mancha, "Small World", which is broadcast on weekends at 11 pm.

Santoro will be accompanied by the singer from Ciudad Real, Jesús de Manuel, who will be in the "Martirio Room", a space behind the scenes of the set, where the contestants will experience moments of great tension.

The jury will be composed of Rafael Rabay, musical director of the program, the singer María Toledo, joined by record producer and composer Alejandro Abad, who has worked with artists such as Pastora Soler and David Bisbal.

The stage of "A Tu Vera" also changes to celebrate this fifteenth edition with a more modern, luminous and colorful scenography.  The space is transformed to give prominence to the moments of spectacle and competition.

Excitement is one of the hallmarks of the program that this year begins with 15 candidates who will have to defend their permanence in the program. In the first installment nothing has been decided yet and there is only room for 10 contestants who will be chosen by the jury together with the votes of the audience.

It will be from the second program onwards when the final contestants will have to face each other using one of the contest's hallmarks, "the challenge".

In this new edition, the competition goes a step further and moves to the jury's table, because they will also compete with each other, deciding which contestants have to face each other.  One of them, moreover, will be the one to decide the winner of each challenge without counting on his fellow contestants.

If there is one thing that characterizes the talent show is that nothing is certain. Not even the contestants, who change throughout the weeks.  And the figure of the "challenger" is still maintained, a new candidate who will arrive to take his place from one of the contestants he chooses.

What does not change is that in "A Tu Vera" the copla continues to be the main protagonist, where emotion and live music are concentrated in equal parts