07 Sep 2023

'Disfruta Madrid' every afternoon

'Disfruta Madrid' every afternoon

The new season of "Disfruta Madrid" premieres on Monday 4 September. The programme, which until now was broadcast on weekends, will now be a daily show. From Monday to Friday, it will be broadcast live at 5:30 pm and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, the best moments of the week will be shown. Jota Abril will be the presenter of the programme, accompanied by Minerva Piquero and María Gracia.

 ‘Disfruta Madrid' was created to accompany all the people of Madrid and to ensure that no one in the Community of Madrid feels alone. This new Telemadrid afternoon programme will be made up of three main contents. The programme will have testimonies, information and will connect with current affairs, but always enjoying all the proposals offered by the Community of Madrid.

Jota Abril will be the backbone of ‘Disfruta Madrid’: "It's a programme for the whole family," says the journalist, "although the elderly have always been my weakness. We owe them a lot and we don't give them much credit for it". That is why, as well as presenting the programme, he will be in charge of showing us the human side of the people of Madrid, discovering stories that are worth telling.

Minerva Piquero will also continue to show us our natural environment, weather phenomena and curiosities of our Community, all thanks to virtual and augmented reality: "Disfruta Madrid is growing thanks to the good reception that people of Madrid have given us with their support over the last nine months. We are growing with enthusiasm and true to our essence, which is to enjoy the Region of Madrid from another perspective, full of curiosities and knowledge, discovering everything that the primary sector and the people who make it possible give us, from tradition, but also from entrepreneurship and innovation". 

The programme will keep an eye on current affairs and relevant news in our region. María Gracia returns to Telemadrid to report on all this: "Telemadrid is my home and it is a gift to be part of such an exciting project as 'Disfruta Madrid'. It has shown at weekends that it is an original, fresh, fun, curious and public service programme. To now take it to a daily newspaper and enjoy the afternoon in the company of the people of Madrid is a wonderful idea".

From Monday 4 September, we are going to enjoy Madrid every day, because Telemadrid opens its doors to those who enjoy it most with a new programme for the afternoons that is close, fresh and entertaining.