07 Apr 2021

‘Con M de Mujer’ by Europroducciones for Telemadrid because of International Women

‘Con M de Mujer’ by Europroducciones for Telemadrid because of International Women

Telemadrid and Onda Madrid celebrate International Women's Day by dedicating to them a letter full of musical notes, feelings -sometimes bittersweet-, celebration and a lot of emotion, and performed by nine artists such as Luz Casal, Pastora Soler, Rozalén, Diana Navarro, Nerea Rodríguez, Bely Basarte, Mari de Chambao, Christina Rosenvinge and Miren Iza. ‘Con M de Mujer’ will be a musical tribute to the achievements and conquests of women on the night of March 8, at 9:30 pm.

The Telemadrid cameras and the Europroducciones production bring all these artists together to write a visual and sound letter. They will do so through their songs and their messages on camera, “writing” in nine voices that supposed letter of tribute in which each one is giving way to the other. A message whose content is hopeful for the path traveled, for what has been achieved, where the woman is currently and where she wants to be. An emotional, optimistic letter that seeks to pay homage to women from the woman herself.

Luz Casal, awarded with the International Medal of the Arts of the Community of Madrid in 2108, will open the program from the arcades of the Plaza Mayor in Colmenar de Oreja interpreting “Sentir”. The program will take a musical tour of the Community of Madrid over eight performances and through locations with great significance. Such as the Institución Libre de Enseñanza (Fundación Giner de los Ríos), the first official center created in Spain to promote higher education for women. In its gardens, Pastora Soler, on acoustic and accompanied by a piano, will sing the song "Although it costs me life."

Another stage will be the roof of the Pavón Theater, built on the initiative of a businesswoman, Francisca Pavón, in the 1920s. On the roof of Pavón, with Lavapiés in the background, Beli Basarte will perform her song “San Pedro”.

Diana Navarro will be at the Student Residence (Fundación Ortega y Gasset), which was the headquarters of the Former Residence for Young Ladies of the Board for the Expansion of Studies. The artist will perform "El Perdón", a song in which she herself denies that forgiveness "for believing that you were my owner, manipulating all my dreams."

In front of the Hospital de la Paz, in tribute to so many health workers who have been fighting tirelessly since March last year against the pandemic, La Mari de Chambao will dedicate "Life comes and goes." And in the gardens of the Cerralbo Museum, Nerea Rodríguez will sing “3 Minutos ten”.

‘Con M de mujer’ is a musical letter to celebrate Women's Day and also, of course, to remember those who are no longer here and who have died as a result of gender violence. A total of 45 victims during 2020 and four (three of them in the Community of Madrid) so far in 2021. For them, Cristina Rosenvinge and Miren Iza will have a special memory, who will perform the song "La tejedora" as a duet. from the walls of Buitrago de Lozoya.

‘Con M de mujer’ can be followed on March 8, at 9:30 pm, through Telemadrid, and the Onda Madrid dial (101.3 and 106FM).

Europroducciones (Grupo iZen) has been the production company in charge of preparing the special for the public channel. Specialist in entertainment formats, it has more than 1,500 hours of audiovisual production for public and regional channels. He is currently working on several broadcast programs that stand out in audience figures: Duel de Veus (À Punt), Quen anda aí (TVG) and the oldest musical talent on television, A tu vera (CMM), which aired the final gala last Saturday.